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April 16, 2015 2 Comments

Day THREE: Elk City OK to Saint Clair MO. 550 miles.

     Early wake up and on the Turnpike. Feeling good, making progress and enjoying the dense roadside forest in a beautiful transition moment when Winter and Spring share a timeframe. Leafless tall trees, sprouting green, and some splashes of purple and yellow blooms.

     Great photo opportunities but no exits OFF the turnpike! … Bypassing everything at full speed and the next and only stop is your freshly painted bright RED Gas Station/Convenience Store. “I swear we’ve been here before”

      Following the ghost of Route 66 has revived reflections about urban development, growth, economy and Time. It seems like somewhere along the way, the natural course of time started getting out of wack. One steady ticking of a clock got overruled by endless others, all un-synched and much faster. We’ve had to speed up, drive the highway, do more… exceed. We spend our lives trying to keep up with our lives.

     However, part of this world didn’t join in and got left behind. Now the highway decides your stops for you. The bright Red Station stays bright red, while beautiful historic towns age and grey just because they got bypassed.

     We notice, we reflect, we get back on the car and off we go again on the highway. Why? Take a guess... we are late.

     A challenging day for creative content. We finally found escape in a small sleepy rural village, and perhaps intimidated by all the Big Picture reflections, we retreated into a Macro Lense. A pleasant world where nature grew bigger and time was unnoticed. Alucik became a flower, a leaf and a mushroom.

 Day FOUR: Saint Clair MO to Springfield OH. 450 miles.

     Had a great moment at the Saint Louis Arch in tribute of Design and History. The Gateway to the West is I M P R E S S I V E. A great testament of human potential when talent teams up.

    Alucik was inspired. Stainless steel up into to the sky.

     Met with sweet and stylish Fashion Blogger Psyche from and had a nice chat about design in Saint Louis. We are eager to see her blogpost on Alucik coming soon.

     Cool vibe and delicious smoothies at Rooster.

     Visited some interesting boutiques with nice people. Our favourites: Boho-Chic selection and has won best festival shop! Kerry (on the photo) was extra friendly and helpful. Thanks! tastefully styled for a sophisticated clientele. 


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April 29, 2015

Looks like you guys are having a blast. and meeting some interesting peeps. I love the mushroom Alucik tree art.


April 16, 2015

Wow! Thanks Alucik! What a lovely blog! Can’t wait to follow!
The Lusso girls

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