In 2007, while living in Switzerland, the Alucik founders started experimenting with the conversion of hand-drawn digital designs into highly detailed stainless steel patterns and colorful textile prints. This artistic exploration developed into a line of jewelry, handbags, pillow sets, and other design items under the brand name Pocos. As the founders journeyed the world, living on four continents, the collection evolved while creating new markets along the way. The wealth of cultural influences and immersion in nature’s diversity reflect in the inspired designs. 


         Following a strong creative drive and motivated by the passionate response from fans around the world, the decision was made to bring the project home to California in 2014. Rebranded as Alucik, a full year was focused on improving every aspect of creation. Designed, produced, assembled, and packaged in the USA, Alucik launched on November 20, 2014 with a line of high-quality jewelry. 


         Each Alucik design is a limited edition run of 250 pieces. The Alucik art is made of lightweight and durable stainless steel plated with either 0.999 silver (with an anti-tarnish coating) or 24kt gold. Components are either sterling silver or gold-filled (generous gold layer bonded over brass). All components have been sourced from top US manufacturers except for the superior clasps from Italy (not available in USA). Each jump ring has been carefully welded to ensure that it will never open. Our unique self-display packaging was designed in-house and manufactured locally. (Read our packaging link for further information.)

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