Design Matters

May 01, 2015

      “Design Matters” was one of the first things we heard upon arriving in Chicago. A happy greeting for us artists!

      It’s our motto here at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, explained Eric (Director of Merchandise & Specialty Sales) as we entered the already very designy elevator.

      What an outstanding explosion of creativity this city is. Everything that stands is a design statement of its own different era. A dense high-rise population of extremely diverse styles narrates Chicago’s prolific history. Walking down the block feels like a non-chronological voyage back in time. A Roman arch next to a modern high-rise next to a classic column next to a mirror sculpture next to a mosaic next to an LED-lit fountain next to ornate terracotta next to an Art Deco building… next to Starbucks…

      There are particular elements that in combination generate a Chicago-exclusive atmosphere.

      Industrial is a much present quality with an abundance of metal to impact eyes and ears. The L, a complex grid of steel platforms that hold the elevated rail system, shadows the streets with an underground feel. A powerful metallic grind reverberates in these outdoor tunnels. The Wind runs at high speed and howls as it breaks its way through the urban network. The moving bridges, bolted steel painted burgundy to contrast the turquoise river, and eighteen of them in only two miles. Glass from all the modern buildings. Public Art in every open space, another layer to Chicago’s cultural incubation.  Water… lots of water… an endless lake, big rivers and from the sky! Lucky rainy day for us…



      Soaked to the socks, umbrellas flipped inside out, and absolutely frozen, we still very much enjoyed the skyscraper tour courtesy of the Architecture foundation. Thanks Eric, it was a pleasure to meet again and hopefully Alucik will be developing an exclusive Chicago-inspired collection sometime soon!

      24 hours in Chicago were like an injection of culture. We left absolutely energized and inspired to keep thinking BIG, because… design definitely matters!


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