Time To Expand! Alucik on the road from West to East.

April 13, 2015

    Round-trip from our home in Joshua Tree all the way to Boston and everything in between.


    Four and half months ago we launched our made in the US jewelry line Alucik and it’s been an exhilarating ride ever since. We sent a rocket out at full speed and now it pulls stronger by the day not ever slowing down. It is extremely exciting and rewarding to follow its reach, though demanding to keep it fuelled at max capacity. It challenges us to dig deep, deeper, deepest… keeping us in a ceaseless mission of research, improvement and growth.

     We are proud of what Alucik has become, thrilled with the amazing response it has gotten and excited about what awaits ahead.

     After intensive months of West Coast outreach, trade shows and markets in LA, Seattle and San Francisco, we’ve decided it’s Time To Expand!

     Follow us on our journey across the country as we bring Alucik to new venues and find inspiration along the way.

Day ONE: Joshua Tree to Albuquerque.

     The road trip, one of our favorite things to do in the US. So much land and space, and an invigorating sense of freedom. Routine life gets put on hold, your car becomes your closet, kitchen, bedroom and office, and you get into the road flow, a hypnotic state of seeing/feeling the world pass by under your wheels with only an instance to focus and… it’s gone.

     Today was a desert day with interesting textures and earthy shades. Cactus, sand, rock, sun, salt, lava and mud. Stunning!

Photos: Departure spot in Joshua Tree, Salt Flats and Volcanic rock in Amboy, CA, Ocotillo Plants and other Cacti in Arizona.

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